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SolarNocal had the most competitive bid and time frame for installing. I knew I was going to get solar and I bid it out to many companies. Heath and his team have a lot of experience which was important to me. This is an investment and I wanted to make sure it was done right. Also important to workmanship was the cost. I installed solar to save money and their bid was most wallet friendly.


Fantastic experience. Friendly, knowledgeable and experienced along with a very competitive total install price. Couldn’t be happier. Electric bills are near $0 almost every month now. Yay!


Just thought I’d pass along that my PGE bill last month was $3.16!! It was fun seeing that. Again, thanks to you guys for a job well done!


Job well done.


As a solar developer and solar installer our expertise includes commercial buildings (roof and ground mounts including parking lot canopies and custom structures).  We have options for small to large business including non profits such as churches and other organizations (please see our financing page).  Whether you have a tax appetite for the Federal Tax Credit and depreciation or you have no appetite (low profit or non-profit) there are many options available for solar to save you business or entity a lot of money.  Often times commercial entities want to make a statement to their community by going solar in addition to the financial windfall.  We can work with you to design a system that not only is cost effective, using the industries top brands but is also aesthetically pleasing.

Understanding your electric charges:

  • Demand – a fixed monthly charged based on your highest 15 minute interval of usage. Depending on the utility this can be calculated every month or once for the entire year.  Again, depending on your utility, this can be a small portion of the bill or nearly the entire portion of the bill.
  • Electric charges – like residential, this is the charge you pay based on electric consumption. There two different types of rates, fixed and time of use.  Fixed often times has tiers so after higher levels of usage, the rate increases moving into a new tear.  Time of use has time periods throughout the day where the cost of electricity is higher (generally peak hours where demand on the electrical grid is highest) and where the cost of electricity is lower (generally after hours including weekends, early mornings and late evenings).

As both a solar developer and installer, our goal is to design a system that provides the highest savings using minimum capital.  Solar can’t get rid of demand charges.  If your utility uses the highest 15 minute interval each month, then solar theoretically could reduce the charge.  However, it only takes one 15 minutes rainy or overcast day, where the solar system is generating very little electricity and the demand will be calculated during that time.  This is where batteries come into play.  Batteries are used for “peak shaving”.  As of right now, only customers with very high demand charges will benefit from batteries.  Please inquire with us for more information.

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