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2015 Top Solar Contractors


  • 14+ years experience
  • 100+ installations
  • In house installation
  • One of Solar Reviews highest rated installers
  • Bonded
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Licensed and insured
  • SolarWorld authorized installer
  • Equipment warranty
  • Installation warranty
  • Industry leading equipment
  • Equipment manufacturing experience
  • Financing available
  • Installer and EPC
  • In house design
  • Equipment manufacturing trained

Our History

Our founder, Steve Jefferson, started our company in 2008 as Golden Bear Solar.  Prior to Golden Bear Solar, Steve managed 4 installation crews from 2002-2008 for another regional installer who left the area in 2008.  He managed both residential and commercial installations (up to 1 MW) during this time.  Additionally, in 2008 Steve was hired by SMA America, the largest inverter company in the world (~70% commercial market share and ~40% residential market share, worldwide as of 2015).  Steve left SMA in 2016 as the Service Line Supervisor.  Steve’s time at SMA included extensive training on the equipment side including both locally in California and at the German Headquarters.  Steve was the problem solver on thousands of installations both residential and commercial (including utility sizes).  He built and installed the commercial solar system at SMA in Rocklin and also built a multi MW test bed setup in Rocklin.

SolarNorcal was started in 2014 as a marketing and sales company, using Golden Bear Solar exclusively for the installations.  Prior to this Golden Bear Solar worked from referrals only.  Golden Bear Solar had a steady business through many years of referrals from happy customers and Steve’s extensive industry contacts working at SMA.  As the solar industry grew, Golden Bear Solar had limited name recognition and SolarNorcal quickly built an excellent reputation.  SolarNorcal also added solar panel cleaning and pool pump upgrades to the company.  The relationship between the two companies enjoyed phenomenal success and they combined in 2016.  Together, the combined will continue the tradition of strong customer service at competitive prices under the SolarNorcal brand.


SolarNocal had the most competitive bid and time frame for installing. I knew I was going to get solar and I bid it out to many companies. Steve and his team have a lot of experience which was important to me. This is an investment and I wanted to make sure it was done right. Also important to workmanship was the cost. I installed solar to save money and their bid was most wallet friendly.


Fantastic experience. Friendly, knowledgeable and experienced along with a very competitive total install price. Couldn’t be happier. Electric bills are near $0 almost every month now. Yay!


Just thought I’d pass along that my PGE bill last month was $3.16!! It was fun seeing that. Again, thanks to you guys for a job well done!


Job well done.


My wife and I greatly appreciate how you worked with us during the entire process, bid, contract, installation and follow up. I am recommending that you are invited to bid by all my colleagues at Oracle who may be interested in a solar installation.