Pool Pumps

Variable speed pool pumps can reduce your electric consumption from 500-2000+ kWh’s per year. We definitely want to include them in the conversation with a solar system if you have not replaced your single speed pump. Due to the affinity law (Click Here), running a variable speed pump at a lower RPM uses exponentially less energy than running at a higher speed. By running the pool pump longer, at lower speeds, to pump the same amount of water, the electric consumption can be reduced substantially.
If you have extra features running off the pump and / or pool solar it may require looking at your controller. The new variable speed pumps have a built in controller but they don’t work with actuators (valves) or pool solar (they can read temperatures and adjust the speed accordingly).
We have experience with the following brands of pumps and controllers. If you don’t see yours listed we likely can work with it.

Our Variable Speed Pool Pump Reviews