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  • American made in Oregon
  • 2013 made more silicon solar panels than every other US manufacturer combined
  • Since 2008, SolarWorld purchased more than $1.5 billion in equipment, parts, services and supplies from 50 states
  • Panels in the field for 40+ years, zero product recalls
  • The SolarWorld Standard: Click Here


  • One of the highest efficient panels in the market.
  • High wattage panels = less panels required per installation (great for limited roof space)
  • Produce better during very hot temperatures
  • Water channel on the bottom of the frame


  • One of the highest efficient panels in the market.
  • High wattage panels = less panels required per installation (great for limited roof space)
  • Backed by a global giant
  • Immense R&D spending
  • Constant innovation


  • One of the fastest growing inverter companies
  • Hybrid solution between string inverter and micro inverter
  • Individual panel monitoring
  • Higher system performance
  • No power clipping
  • Great warranty

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SolarNorcal had the most competitive bid and time frame for installing. I knew I was going to get solar and I bid it out to many companies. Steve and his team have a lot of experience which was important to me. This is an investment and I wanted to make sure it was done right. Also important to workmanship was the cost. I installed solar to save money and their bid was most wallet friendly.


Fantastic experience. Friendly, knowledgeable and experienced along with a very competitive total install price. Couldn’t be happier. Electric bills are near $0 almost every month now. Yay!


Just thought I’d pass along that my PGE bill last month was $3.16!! It was fun seeing that. Again, thanks to you guys for a job well done!


Job well done.


My first PG&E bill after turning the system on was $30. Monthly was over $300 previously. My meter reads current usage as -6.8 kW.


I am very happy with the solar system...the way it looks and what it can do helping to decrease the impact of our warming Earth, our home.


You guys were great.


Thanks for your guys hard work in getting my system up and running. I always see lots of solar potential with all those empty rooftops and escalating utility pricing. Hope business is good.


SolarNorcal's system is working well. Thanks Heath.


I give your company the highest marks for politeness and respectfulness of your crew toward my family and my property. The installation is clean and attractive.


My wife and I greatly appreciate how you worked with us during the entire process, bid, contract, installation and follow up. I am recommending that you are invited to bid by all my colleagues at Oracle who may be interested in a solar installation.